How can I reuse subtitles for distribution when they only exist on authored DVD titles?

  • Do you have a back catalogue of materials that you wish to republish for new platforms such as Blu-ray and Apple iTunes?
  • Are your subtitles only available in DVD format as TIFF files and not easily converted?
  • Are your previously commissioned subtitles not available in a form that allows them to be repurposed?

Yes? – Use ZOOsubs to extract subtitle text and timing information automatically and store in a format-neutral database from where new distribution files can be created easily and cost effectively.

  • Our ZOOsubs-powered service supports sophisticated ingest facilities to deal with these issues.
  • ZOOsubs analyse the content and extracts key information.
  • Optical Character Recognition software (OCR) recreates highly accurate text from the subtitle images.
  • ZOOsubs inserts the timing information to ensure synchronization.
  • ZOO’s Quality Control team checks to ensure complete accuracy.
  • The subtitles are made available in our cloud-based database and can be downloaded in all technical formats through our secure self-service portal.

Case Study

A major international music publisher had accumulated an extensive catalog of video titles that had been published on DVD over a period of 20 years. These consisted of live and studio music recordings, artist profiles and biopics, mostly incorporating a range of bonus features and value-added content. For international audiences the titles had been localized into a number of languages through the addition of subtitles.

ZOO worked with this client to create a database of subtitles that can be downloaded in whatever format required so that new distribution files can be created easily and cost effectively. Find out more.