• After unleashing ZOOstudio at NAB 2019, the cloud-powered platform is selected as NAB Product of the Year for cloud computing!



  • Netflix selects ZOO to enter the Netflix Preferred Fulfillment Parner (NPFP) program.
  • ZOO Digital wins a prestigious BaM Award at NAB 2018 – the third industry award for our cloud dubbing service.
  • Key appointments help ZOO expand cloud dubbing in Latin America and Asia.
  • ZOO launches new enhanced security for TV and movie content, incorporating machine learning and facial recognition.
  • ZOO is named organic growth leader in global language services industry, according to Market research company, Nimdzi.
  • Innovations introduced to accelerate localization process and help content owners prepare for worldwide distribution.
  • Innovate UK, part of the British Government backs ZOO on dubbing research project to streamline processes for TV and movie content.


Rise of Awesomeness – IABM Design & Innovation Awards


  • ZOOdubs, the entertainment industry's first cloud-powered dubbing service, launches – and notches up a TV Technology Best in Show award and The IABM’s Design & Innovation Award.
  • Creating and re-purposing scripts becomes infinitely easier with the cloud-powered ZOOscripts service.
  • Sheffield production facility achieves CDSA accreditation for content security – keeping TV and movie content ultra-secure.
  • As ZOO expands cloud dubbing into Latin America, the team helps train budding voice talent in Mexico City.
  • From Turkey to Thailand, new partners join the global affiliate network to build a network of trusted in-territory partners.




  • Innovation galore as ZOO launches three new services. Firstly ZOOscreen – an ultra-secure ‪way to showcase video content‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ powered by ZOOtechnology.
  • Shortly after, an enriched metadata service to make it easier for audiences to find and interact with TV and movie content.
  • Finally, a cloud-powered compliance editing service making content fit for different cultures around the world.
  • The global affiliate network kicks off with in-territory localization experts, Hi Media Pros, QLAB, Olive Digital, Kantana Group and Vista India.
  • ZOO partners with Honeycomb TV to offer faster and more cost-efficient service in subtitling for the TV advertising.


Rise of Awesomeness – BBC Worldwide


  • BBC Worldwide chooses ZOO for cloud-powered localization services.
  • ZOO is selected by Apple to be one of the first five approved iTunes delivery partners.
Rise of Awesomeness – Hollywood studios


  • Subtitling services powered by ZOOsubs adopted by Hollywood studios and global broadcasters.


Rise of Awesomeness – ZOOsubs


  • Subtitling service powered by ZOOsubs is born – helping studios reach audiences everywhere! Hundreds of millions of subtitles to follow.


  • ZOO helps traditional publishers digitize their books ready for worldwide distribution.
Rise of Awesomeness – Blu-ray


  • ZOO develops cloud-based tool for converting authored video titles into Blu-ray format. Major Hollywood studios join our client list.


Rise of Awesomeness – Cloud-powered service


  • ZOO launches its first cloud-powered service – now managing written translation into over 60 languages for international marketing campaigns.
  • Backed by the UK's Technology Strategy Board, ZOO leads a major research and development project – one of many research projects to follow.


Rise of Awesomeness – Los Angeles


  • ZOO expands to the entertainment hub of Los Angeles, USA, establishing production services with the acquisition of Scope Seven Inc.
  • We develop a clever way to reduce the time and cost of preparing DVD titles for release.


Rise of Awesomeness – Localization service


  • ZOO's first localization service is launched – helping prepare TV and movie marketing materials ready for worldwide release.
Timeline of Innovation – 2005


  • Hollywood studios and major publishers get involved as ZOO ups the ante on our DVD production services.
Timeline of Innovation – 2003


  • ZOO develops ways to make DVD and video production easier for publishers, with clients like EMI and Universal Pictures International among the first to join us.
Timeline of Innovation – 2001


  • ZOO Digital is born! Innovators and technology mavericks at Kazoo3D plc and ZOO Media Corporation Ltd merge together to start something downright awesome.