Our history of problem solving


ZOOdubs service launches at NAB 2017 to provide more talent, visibility and control in the dubbing production process; the ultimate cloud-based dubbing service.

Netflix Preferred Vendor


ZOO is awarded Netflix Preferred Vendor (NPV) status, making ZOO Digital among the elite service providers delivering TV and movie content to Netflix .

ZOO launches innovative services including an eScreener service, enabling ultra-secure streaming to iPad and Apple TV; an enriched metadata service for next generation content discovery; and an asset management service for super-secure storage.

ZOO extends its global presence by forming international partnerships with Hi Media Pros in Egypt and Dubai; QLAB in India; Olive Digital in Pakistan; Kantana Group in China, Thailand and Vietnam; and Vista India.

ZOO also announces its partnership and full integration with Honeycomb TV, offering a faster and more cost-effective subtitling service to the TV advertising industry.


ZOO is selected by BBC Worldwide to deliver a global management solution for its subtitling and captioning operations, and ongoing automated localization services.

ZOO is also selected by Apple as one of only four approved iTunes Delivery Partners to support its global Compressor users in delivering video content directly to the iTunes Store.


ZOOsubs subtitling and captioning services provided to five of the six major Hollywood studios, as well as global broadcasters and well-known brands.


ZOOsubs becomes a full service for localizing film and video content for multinational corporations as well as three of the six major Hollywood studi


Converting video subtitles into many different formats becomes part of our cloud-based services. ZOOsubs is born – a simpler, quicker and painless way to produce subtitling and captioning.

ZOOcore is launched – technology to help our clients manage multiple projects and people and get all their jobs done. It brings together six years of developing software to solve clients’ problems.


ZOO’s production team works with world-leading traditional publishers to digitize their books quickly and easily, ready for distribution online worldwide.


ZOO develops a new cloud-based tool for converting already authored video titles instantly into Blu-ray format. Major Hollywood studios are quick to adopt it.

ZOO is able to offer the complete package for localization to international clients thanks to a strategic partnership with a large US packaging specialist.

ZOO’s new toolset, the Interactive Content Editor, is a more robust way of preparing products such as movies and TV series for selling online on Apple’s iTunes and other platforms. Another major Hollywood studio begins using our solution.


ZOO launches its first ever cloud-based solution for coordinating international marketing campaigns. It helps manage the translation of text into over 60 languages.

ZOO leads a major research and development project, Commercializing Motion Picture Archives, having won funding from the UK government’s Technology Strategy Board.


ZOO creates the eBook builder, a beautifully simple new way of adapting printed content into different languages, formats and sizes for electronic distribution on eReader devices, such as iPad and Kindle.


ZOO develops a software solution that significantly reduces the time and cost of preparing DVD titles for release.

ZOO Digital Production US is born, providing a comprehensive creative and production service. Our new offering is made possible by the acquisition of Scope Seven Inc., a DVD services specialist in California with clients including Warner Home Video, 20th Century Fox, NBC/Universal, HBO and the BBC.


ZOO develops technology that transforms localization of film and video marketing materials for worldwide release. Our clients now have a way to take their content to market fast and efficiently.


Leading Hollywood studios and other major film and video publishers discover the benefit of ZOO’s innovative DVD software.


ZOO pioneers technology that makes video post-production and DVD production significantly easier for UK and European DVD publishers.  Our clients include EMI and Universal Pictures International for whom we develop the interactive DVD for Who Wants to be a Millionaire.


ZOO Digital Group plc is born out of the merger of two innovative UK software companies – Kazoo3D plc and ZOO Media Corporation Ltd – developing entertainment software for the Internet and set-top boxes.