Teddy Loxley

Teddy is our Assistant English Manager for Europe, a subtitling whizz managing the creation of closed caption files and templates for translation. In his role heading up the English subtitlers, he’s particularly proud of the considered approach of the team – and the unwaivering quality they deliver.

He initially joined us for a two-week project working on a ‘60s sci-fi show – but after getting a taste of ZOO, he decided he wanted to stick around!

As a film fan, the role of English Team Lead is perfect for Teddy; it allows him to watch brand new entertainment and classic gems while also creating top-quality captions.

Having already visited 18, his personal goal is to visit every European country. And with so many multilinguals around the ZOO office, he’s also aiming to become bilingual starting with Spanish. ¡Buena suerte, Teddy!