Giving clients global reach in local markets

We know there’s a world of opportunity as online platforms break into new global markets. That’s why we’ve identified the need for go-to partners in every territory. And we’re empowering them to use our own tried, tested and Hollywood-approved cloud technology.

All this to meet the global demand for local content and offer a way for our clients to access the content they need. Reliably, securely, cost effectively and to the highest standard.

Real-time collaboration around the world

Thanks to analytics provided by Google and some development magic from our R&D team, take a look at our interactive map for a real-time snapshot of ZOO translators, dubbing directors, voice artists, colleagues and partners – all using our cloud-powered systems. 

Hover over each blip to see where in the world people are using ZOO platforms, with new pulses showing who's just getting online. You can also click the '24-Hour Recap' button to speed through the last day and see how things shift around the world. 



Access to more talent and more choice

For content owners who need to localize their TV shows and movies for these new audiences, our trusted global affiliate network enables access to a greater pool of skilled, native translators and dubbing artists. 

Each one is trained to use ZOO’s world-class technology and tools to deliver local knowledge, local language skills and local TV and film – for truly localized content in every territory.


Passing on the business benefits

Enabling trusted local partners to use ZOOtechnology has awesome business benefits for our customers, giving you:

  • In-territory service providers using secure technology
  • Access to the best local TV and movie content
  • Access to a larger pool of native, in-territory dubbing artists
  • One consistent and secure way of working with ZOO’s cloud technology
  • One streamlined way to do much more, for less
  • A global pool of talented local translators
  • Greater global coverage

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