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Doing things differently. Powered by awesomeness.  

Awesomeness. It started off as a way to show our clients that, however they want to get their TV and movie content to market, our technology will help them get there – quicker and more securely than ever before. We called it Project Awesome. In an industry crying out for a better way of doing things, Project Awesome set the bar higher. It was a measure to ensure that we only ever build technology or deliver services that provide awesome results for our clients.

Now awesomeness has become our philosophy – it's what we strive to achieve each and every day. It’s about a different way of thinking, of doing business; a different way of working and partnering with our clients. If you’ve worked with us before, you’ll know what we mean. And if you haven’t – maybe it’s time you should. Whatever doing things differently needs to be for you, we’ll make sure it’s awesome, and that’s a promise.

Awesomness means: 

  • Putting security first in everything we do, end-to-end.
  • Seamlessly combining the unique strengths of people and technology to deliver the best results, guaranteed.
  • Transforming the way teams collaborate globally, forever. 
  • Unlocking untapped global value in premium entertainment content.
  • Exploiting the limitless potential of the cloud like no other.
  • Delivering content to every corner of the globe. Every language. Every format. At the click of a button.
  • Working side-by-side with clients. More openness, transparency and collaboration than ever before.
  • Reshaping the future of the industry using innovative technology.

ZOO Digital. Powered by awesomeness (and sometimes also by coffee).