About ZOO

We are ZOO

We securely showcase, localize and distribute the movies and TV shows the world wants to see. All powered by awesomeness.

We help Hollywood studios, global broadcasters, online retailers and independent distributors reach audiences everywhere. Fast. 

We combine our world-class cloud technology with amazing client teams in the UK and US, some of the most talented in-territory translators in the industry and a growing network of trusted local partners - to deliver awesome results for our clients. Each and every day. 

You’ll find us in the entertainment centres of LA and London and the digital hub of Sheffield. 

We are innovation

Things change fast in the world of entertainment. We need to help our clients to stay ahead of the ever-changing game. And we believe that it’s time to challenge the status quo, to innovate, to reimagine the way things have always been done.

So it makes sense that a business like ours – one that thinks, lives and breathes digital should be there at the coal face – or the interface – constantly developing new approaches to help our clients get their TV and movie content where they want it to be, on any platform, anywhere around the world. Constantly listening and understanding their pain points – on security and piracy, on decreasing windows, on growing expectations to do more for less – then finding ways to do something about it. 

We innovate like this, not for the sake of it, but because we see where the headaches are for our clients, and we can do something about it. It’s why we have an entire R&D team dedicated to breaking down barriers and getting things done.