Music Publishers

As a music publisher, you are faced with the challenge of creating added value bonus materials that make titles more attractive for purchase.

ZOO works with music publishers to remove the complexity and cost from creating and localizing bonus content. We use the power of cloud computing to give you a simpler, smarter, faster way to get things done.

Read on for more details about some of the specific problems we have solved for music publishers…

iTunes LP

Problem: How do I create iTunes LP material without it costing us a fortune?

Solution #311:  Use ZOOpost to guarantee everything is in the correct format.

  • Do you need to be able to create iTunes LPs for a music album, including all of the special features such as lyrics, photos, videos, credits, and more?
  • Have your current vendors struggled to meet Apple’s demanding requirements for product compliance?
  • Do you need to localize your iTunes submissions for distribution in multiple languages?

The ZOO approach

  • Our software can create iTunes LP packages quickly and easily. We are able to repurpose designs and files created previously for other platforms to enable efficient production of titles, and prepare the essential meta-data needed for submitting the materials to Apple.
  • We enable music publishers to create products in-house. We have developed software so that these complex titles can be created without requiring technical specialists. The result is an easy to use product for creating engaging, content-rich iTunes LPs using the publisher’s internal staff at lower cost than outsourcing.
  • Our software manages localization. Adapting digital music products so that they may be published in other languages is a painless process using our software, enabling international product versions to be created quickly and easily.
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localize music content

Problem: How do I localize music content in video format?

Solution #76:  Convert subtitles in a few clicks.  ZOOsubs delivers multiple formats in minutes.

  • Does your existing subtitling service provider rely on a manual process to create technical files?
  • Is it costly and slow to pull past projects out of archive, for example if you need subtitles in a new format?
  • Are you working to very tight deadlines with many different languages and formats being released together?
  • Are you under ongoing pressure to control costs?
  • Is it costly and complex to obtain subtitles for new formats?

The ZOOsubs approach

We work with you on your subtitling and captioning projects in a way that is very different from other translation vendors.  Our cloud-based software solutions for subtitle production provide you with unrivalled visibility, transparency and self-service features that deliver work quickly and keep your costs down.

We make the process of commissioning high quality professional captions and subtitles convenient and efficient:

  • We will provide you with competitive rates for your subtitling and captioning requirements – ordered and fulfilled through our easy-to-use cloud-based software using just a web browser.
  • You will place work orders and submit your reference materials online through our secure workflow system.
  • We work only with experienced subtitlers and translators to take your original materials and produce fully quality controlled captions and subtitles in over 40 languages.
  • At any time you will be able to track the progress on each of your projects by simply logging in to our secure system.
  • We employ a rigorous quality control process to ensure that the translation, on-screen placement and timing of text is of the highest standard in the industry.
  • We can supply you with subtitles in any commercial format you require – converted files are delivered to your online account where they can be downloaded instantly.
  • We will continue to host your media assets and subtitle data at no additional cost, providing you with a centralized repository for all of your localization materials.
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