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We configure collaborative workflow solutions for entertainment and media distributors.

  • Efficient delivery

    Drive production efficiencies

    Workflow automation, centralized resources and simplified processes drive efficiencies and reduce costs.

  • global localization

    Facilitate global collaboration

    Cloud platforms enable global teams to collaborate in real-time using a dedicated, centralized system.

  • ZOO workflows

    Optimize global workflows

    Create cloud-based workflows to optimize production, manage assets and coordinate people.

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We streamline localization and distribution workflows.

Customized cloud-based workflows are configured for you and your teams to increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.

  • Simplify complex workflows

    We create cloud-based workflows to simplify the management of every stage of complex projects – from brief, assignment of tasks, creation of materials, review and approval of proofs through to the final distribution of the content.

  • collaborative workflows
  • Workflows designed for you

    We configure tailor-made workflows using our module-based ZOOcore platform and design milestone based processes to meet your exact needs, and reflect your own unique processes, terminology and workflows.

We simplify collaboration for global teams.

Collaborative global workflows enable dispersed teams to work together to increase the efficiency of production and distribution processes.

  • Reliably share assets for global repurposing

    We make all existing assets and asset lifecycle information available to global teams to facilitate repurposing, increase asset accuracy, and reduce production costs.

  • Secure in the cloud
  • Real-time global collaboration

    We help you to collaborate and share information with your global teams and partners. Review, approve and comment on projects centrally within your cloud-based ZOOcore platform.

We make all your information always available.

Ensure information regarding your production, productivity and assets is always accurate and available.

  • Real-time project tracking

    We enable you and your teams to find out where projects are up to anytime, anywhere with your own customized ZOOcore management dashboard. This means no more project tracking using spreadsheets or time wasted with catch up calls and emails.

  • Project tracking
  • Reliable centralized reporting

    We make is easy to report on production and productivity using you own dedicated ZOOcore reporting tools. Create and run customized reports to have all your information to hand with just a few clicks.

Configurable, cloud-based ZOOcore simplifies and streamlines collaborative creative workflows.

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Discover why the major Hollywood studios choose ZOO's workflow solutions


A major Hollywood studio uses multiple integrated cloud-based ZOOcore workflow systems to manage its entire localization operation.

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