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We provide multilingual audio dubbing and
voice-overs for global entertainment and media.

  • Dubbing

    Quality dubbing production

    Creating and delivering high quality lip sync dubbing and voice-overs.

  • Efficient delivery

    Efficient dubbing workflows

    Streamlining production workflows for efficient global dubbing processes.

  • workflow management

    Cloud-based production management

    Coordinate the end-to-end dubbing process using your dedicated management tool.

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We create quality foreign language dubbing for global content.

Engage global audiences on all platforms with multilingual lip sync dubbing and voices-overs.

  • Quality dubbing in all languages

    Experienced native dubbing artists create localized versions of your original content. We work with you to select the right voice talent for your content, and use lip sync dubbing to ensure global audiences enjoy an authentic experience.

  • Captioning Quality
  • Outstanding quality for less

    Cloud-based ZOOdubs workflow management and streamlined production processes deliver projects faster, saving time and money. Innovative QC tools ensure all files meet the highest technical standards.

We put you in full control of your dubbing and voice-over projects

Efficient, cloud-based workflows increase the productivity and efficiency of dubbing and voice-over production and process management.

  • Cloud-based workflows

    We provide a revolutionary ZOOdubs process management system to enable you to order, manage and approve dubbing projects using customized cloud-based workflows. Process automation increases efficiency and helps complete projects faster.

  • ZOO
  • Real-time global collaboration

    We make it simpler to collaborate on global dubbing and voice-over projects. You and your in-territory teams can select voice talent, track project progress, and securely review and approve video and audio streams using our innovative cloud-based platforms.

ZOOdubs, the industry's first dubbing process management platform, powers dubbing with a difference.

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Discover why major Hollywood studios and broadcasters use ZOO foreign language dubbing services.


Magnolia Pictures uses ZOO dubbing services to create multilingual audio versions for worldwide distribution.

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    “ZOO Digital’s services have been nothing but smooth and effective. Their speed and communication has been key in making The Orchard’s relationship with ZOO a massive success.”

    Timothy Vargas, The Orchard

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