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iTunes Extras 2.0

ZOO is approved by Apple to author and deliver iTunes Extras 2.0 and LPs.

iTunes Extras 2.0 enable you to enrich your content with interactive menus, bonus content (e.g. bloopers, behind the scenes footage) and special features (e.g. on-set images, scripts). Adding iTunes Extras 2.0 to your iTunes Store Package will help to get your content noticed and provide your audience with an interactive experience.

ZOO can provide you with visually beautiful and technically compliant iTunes Extras 2.0 to accompany your iTunes feature. Our iTunes Extras 2.0 authoring and delivery services are approved by Apple, and are currently used to create iTunes Extras for some of the world’s leading distributors.

Take a look at some of the recent iTunes Extras created by ZOO:


Warren Miller’s No Turning Back

iTunes Extras

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Kung Fu Elliot

itunes extras

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Loitering With Intent

iTunes Extras - Menu

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(Images courtesy of The Orchard)


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