Services for Corporate, Education and Cultural Organisations

  • Localization, workflow and distribution services

    ZOO works with corporate, religious, educational and cultural organizations to localize, manage and distribute video content in a cost effective way.

  • Other sectors
  • Powered by revolutionary ZOO technology

    We use the power of cloud computing to give you a simpler, smarter, faster way to get things done.

Next generation services and solutions from ZOO

  • subtitling services


    Cloud-based services to create, manage and repurpose subtitles.

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  • closed captioning

    Closed captioning

    Services to create, manage and repurpose captions in all formats.

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  • Dubbing


    Multilingual dubbing services for premium entertainment and media.

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  • global localization

    Artwork Localization

    Translate and localize title artwork and promotional materials for global distribution.

  • workflow management

    Workflow Management

    Configurable workflow solutions to optimize collaborative processes.

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  • distribution

    Digital Distribution

    Services to package, enrich and deliver your digital media content.

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Examples of ZOO solutions

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    Cost Effective Conversions

    Convert existing subtiles and captions quickly and cost effectively using ZOO automated technology.

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    Localization Materials Repository

    Create a reliable, centralized global repository of all localization assets for accurate and cost-efficient repurposing.

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    Global Localization Management

    Manage localization processes across all global facilities to support global launches of worldwide content.

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    “ZOO Digital’s services have been nothing but smooth and effective. Their speed and communication has been key in making The Orchard’s relationship with ZOO a massive success.”

    Timothy Vargas, The Orchard

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    New Year, New US Captioning Rules

    Monday, January 9th, 2017

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