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Discover the ZOOdubs difference.

ZOOdubs is different. Our configurable cloud-based dubbing process management platform efficiently manages multilingual dubbing and voice over production processes.

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  • ZOOdubs process automation

    Process automation delivers projects faster.

  • centralized production

    Centralized production for increased efficiencies.

  • ZOOdubs real time updates

    Real-time updates keep the whole project team in the loop.

  • ZOOdubs voice casting

    Secure, centralized voice casting and playback.

  • ZOOdubs secure cloud

    Assets securely stored in the cloud.

ZOOdubs features

  • All global languages

    All languages and formats

    ZOOdubs supports the production of dubbing in all global languages and technical distribution formats.

  • ZOOcore Production Status

    Real-time project updates

    ZOOdubs provides real time production updates so you can review progress at a glance without the need for catch up calls or emails.

  • MPAA approved

    MPAA approved security

    ZOOdubs' security protocols are approved by the MPAA, major Hollywood studios and global broadcasters and distributors.

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Magnolia uses ZOOdubs to efficiently manage global dubbing services provided by ZOO.

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    “ZOO Digital’s services have been nothing but smooth and effective. Their speed and communication has been key in making The Orchard’s relationship with ZOO a massive success.”

    Timothy Vargas, The Orchard

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    Monday, January 9th, 2017

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